Bassoons, EuphoniumsAbout us

Westfalen Winds is a symphonic wind orchestra, which was formed in 1996 with the support of the Music School of HSK (Hochsaulerlandkreis) and has currently approx. 65 members. The orchestra offers various players from highly motivated amateurs to professionals an opportunity to play music at a very high level. We work on project basis for concerts, competitions and workshops. A project consists of rehearsals held at the weekends mostly in Bad Fredeburg. During the regular rehearsal weekend, we intensively prepare for the next event.


FlutesThe organization of Westfalen Winds is supported by the players themselves. Since 2001, the orchestra is a registered association. Not only the selected directive members, but also the part leader of each instrumental group takes over important tasks to administrate the orchestra on their own responsibility.


In addition to the very successful participation in various musical competitions in the highest category (honored with “Brilliant” or “Excellent” in each case) and the production of a demo CD in 2005, the orchestra often works together with some famous soloists and conductors, for instance Olaf Ott (Solo trombone of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), Stefan Dohr (Solo Horn of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), Walter Ratzek (Conductor of the Music Corps of German Armed Forces), Pierre Kuijpers (Chief Conductor of the Royal Military Band), Herrmann Bäumer (GMD Osnabrück), Professor Mauris Hamers (Tenured Professor for Wind Orchestra, Conducting Department at the Conservatory in Nuremberg-Augsburg).